Silk pillowcases are not something that people talk about very often. It is because people don’t often think about silk pillowcases. They do however, think about silk bed sheet sets.

When most people think of silk bedding for their bedrooms, they think about finding the best silk bed sheets they can find. The silk pillowcases are often not thought about.

And while the pillowcases are not often thought about it is something that you need to look for when it comes to buying a bed sheet set. You see, most people don’t realize that when you buy a silk bed sheet set that the silk pillowcases sometimes don’t come with it.  And trust me, you want your silk pillowcases.

Mulberry Silk

Silk pillowcases are what brings your silk bed sheet set to life. And while there are a lot of great silk bed sheets and pillowcases available, the mulberry silk pillowcases are where it is at!

Silk pillowcases are great! But mulberry silk pillowcases are the best pillowcases that you can purchase. I bought a set of Mulberry silk pillowcases from Lavender’s Luxuries and they are the best pillowcases that I have ever purchased.

So yes, mulberry silk pillowcases are good!